The Importance of Legacy Data Management for Medical Practices

Legacy Data Management for Medical Practices

A medical practice may risk compliance with record retention requirements when replacing its billing system or electronic medical record (EMR).  In a guest blog for PracticeSuite, a cloud based medical office platform that offers patient-to-pay ambulatory-care workflow automation software and revenue cycle management services, Harmony Healthcare IT’s VP of Marketing and Business Development,  Shannon Larkin, explains why the risk is in how legacy patient data is handled.

The article provides a brief overview of

  • the broad definition of protected health information (PHI)
  • state medical record retention mandates
  • the risks associated with leaving legacy systems running in read-only format
  • the benefits of a HIPAA-compliant medical data storage solution like Health Data Archiver

Read the full article at PracticeSuite.

May 05 2017

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