Switching EHRs? Let’s Talk EMR Data Migration at NextGen UGM15

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Switching EHRs to or from NextGen? If so, stop in and see Harmony Healthcare IT, the makers of Health Data Archiver, at the NextGen ONE User Group Meeting (Booth #706) in Las Vegas on Nov 1-4 at Mandalay Bay Resort.

Harmony Healthcare IT specializes in extraction, EMR data conversion, data migration and EMR archives. That means we’re a perfect fit if you’re planning an EMR data migration to NextGen or if you’re replacing NextGen. We archive both financial and clinical data so maintenance payments on an aging infrastructure to legacy vendors can be eliminated.  We help you securely and affordably store patient data for the next 10-25 years to comply with state retention mandates and respond to release of information requests from patients, payers, lawyers and employers.

NextGen EMR Data Migration Discussions and Health Data Archiver Demonstrations

Health Data Archiver

Brian Liddell, CFO

“Last year, we spoke to well over 100 healthcare organizations about NextGen data migrations,” says Brian Liddell, Chief Financial Officer at Harmony Healthcare IT. “Most practices and hospitals have at least one legacy application in their IT portfolio to retire, if not more. Eliminating the legacy maintenance cost and labor burden is the biggest driver for archiving NextGen or the system NextGen replaced. We’re anxious to hold more archiving discussions at this year’s event to help IT Directors streamline their department.”

The Expo Hall at the NextGen ONE UGM15 allows ample opportunity for you to get one-on-one demo time on Health Data Archiver and to hold NextGen EMR data migration discussions. Join us on Sunday from 6-8pm for the welcome reception, on Monday from 10:30am -6pm, Tuesday from 8:30am -6pm or on Wednesday from 8:30am -1pm. The Expo Hall is located in Mandalay Bay Resort in Bayside B.

Oct 29 2015

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