KLAS adds Health Data Archiving to its Research Focus

Data Archiving

KLAS Research, a healthcare IT data and insights company, posted a blog earlier this year indicating they’ll follow and report back to provider organizations on the archiving market segment.  The article, written by Nathan Evans, includes three cost savings points for provider organizations to consider when implementing an archive from a third-party vendor:

  • It could mean $100,000 in savings in a single year
  • It will still allow access to historical data
  • It will allow for collections on patients whose data is archived

We appreciate the effort KLAS is making to “do some digging to find out which data archiving vendors offer the best, broadest, and highest-value services.”  We are excited for provider feedback on our product and services to be part of KLAS’ research, because we love what we do.

At Harmony Healthcare IT, our mission to “preserve vital information to improve lives.” We do that with our product, HealthData Archiver®, which delivers on the cost-savings, information access and transaction posting benefits Nathan describes in his blog.  It also fortifies defenses against cyberattack by providing a single and secure storage place for disparate silos of legacy data.

Here’s the thing: health data tells a story. The more data, the richer the content and the deeper the storyline. An archive is integral to providing a complete clinical narrative to clinicians, HIM resources, researchers and legal and compliance officers to ensure better outcomes and allow for more efficient eDiscovery.

We appreciate the attention that KLAS is giving to this important segment within healthcare IT.

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Sep 28 2018

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