Harmony Healthcare IT Ranked for Second Year as a Top Performer in KLAS Research Report


Harmony Healthcare IT has received a high ranking in the 2021 Best in KLAS Software & Services Report. For the second year in a row Harmony Healthcare IT has earned all A’s in each of the six customer experience pillars: culture, loyalty, operations, product, relationship, and value.

KLAS Ranking 2021

Harmony Healthcare IT, a first-to-market innovator in health data management solutions and the maker of HealthData Archiver®, a long-term record storage software application; announced it has received a high ranking in the 2021 Best in KLAS Software & Services Report. This is the second year that the category of data archiving is included in the report that recognizes software and services companies within healthcare.

Important stand out results for two years in a row include, first, that 100% of its customers interviewed by KLAS Research consider Harmony Healthcare IT a part of their organization’s long-term plans. Second, Harmony Healthcare IT earned all A’s for the second year in a row in each of the six customer experience pillars of culture, loyalty, operations, product, relationship, and value. These grades are particularly significant considering Harmony Healthcare IT handles some of the largest and most complicated health data management projects in the nation. In fact, more than 60% of Harmony Healthcare IT clients interviewed were classified by KLAS Research as integrated delivery networks versus standalone facilities.  This underscores Harmony Healthcare IT’s ability to deliver complex, multi-faceted projects to large enterprises.

Tom Liddell – CEO

“Consistently earning high marks from all of our customers is important to us. But, we take pride in earning All A’s from our larger integrated delivery network clients as their more complex inventory of legacy clinical and financial systems – coupled with the speed and quality at which they demand we decommission them – is infinitely more challenging.  It is also particularly rewarding to pick up where a competitor wasn’t able to deliver and finish out the project.” – Tom Liddell, CEO, Harmony Healthcare IT

Customer insights about Harmony Healthcare IT cited in the report include:

“We want to stop having to maintain the servers. We will be so glad to be off of our current system and have everything in one server. Harmony Healthcare IT helps get us where we need to go. They worked with us really well to figure out what we had in the system that we would want to get out. They have the technology. And they know our files and where things are stored. So we didn’t have to go through files one by one. Harmony Healthcare IT demonstrated their system, and now when we see it, it is what they showed us at the beginning. It has everything we need. Our project manager has been great, but someone else actually made the plan details about what was in each file.”

– Analyst/Coordinator, May 2020

“Our prior vendor to Harmony Healthcare IT failed on the delivery. We had to regroup quickly, so Harmony Healthcare IT worked with a tight window to deliver. They did a really nice job of doing what we needed them to do. One of the failures of the prior vendor was they were not able to reproduce the doctors’ charts, and that is key. We had a couple of bumps with Harmony Healthcare IT, but overall, they successfully delivered all the historical data in a short time frame. We had minimal defects post-implementation. Cases of missing data and other data errors or omissions were minimal and almost nonexistent. So Harmony Healthcare IT did a very nice job.”

– Director, June 2020

“There are a couple of things with the vendor’s approach that I have really liked. They have all the data. Instead of constantly calling us or sending us screenshots or asking us whether something was right, they had remote access to the system we were archiving, and they could validate the system themselves before turning it back to us. They were able to look at the majority of things and say whether they think the labs are flowing in right. I really like that approach versus always having someone on our team having to look things up.”

– CIO, May 2020

Ranked #1 in the 2020 Best in KLAS Software & Services Report as a Category Leader in Data Archiving, Harmony Healthcare IT thanks its customers for participating in the KLAS Research interviews and continues its commitment to continual improvement of its delivery of products and services to the healthcare vertical.

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Mar 03 2021

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