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Harmony Healthcare IT is pleased to announce that it has joined the Active Archive Alliance, a vendor-neutral source that provides expertise and guidance for the design and implementation of intelligent data management solutions. With its participation, Harmony Healthcare IT will gain access to nearly 12,000 data storage professionals from other industries.

Data, especially in healthcare, is growing at exponential rates. Across industries, there are similar challenges and opportunities for extracting, transforming and loading big data sets to secure, active archive platforms. By joining the Active Archive Alliance, Harmony Healthcare IT hopes to network to further enhance its healthcare offering, HealthData Archiver®. Archiving solution HealthData Archiver® currently makes records accessible and usable for clinical decision-making, records release, eDiscovery, financial transaction posting, research, and analytics.

“As the amount of protected health information skyrockets, healthcare leaders rightfully demand preservation and protection of data that will meet retention requirements and mitigate risk of breach,” said Shannon Larkin, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Harmony Healthcare IT. “The Active Archive Alliance can help us advance our health data lifecycle management solutions in newly-informed ways.”

Leading the way as first-to-market innovators of legacy data management solutions for medical facilities, Harmony Healthcare IT archives patient, employee and business records for healthcare organizations nationwide. The company’s mission is to strengthen care delivery and improve lives by preserving vital information in a way that keeps it secure, compliant, accessible and usable. Since 2006, Harmony Healthcare IT has extracted, migrated and retained records from over 350 different clinical, financial and administrative software brands. The information is secured on its cloud-based storage platform, HealthData Archiver®.

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Mar 05 2020

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