Ceridian Latitude HRIS Sunsets

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Harmony Healthcare IT (HHIT) has fielded reports that Ceridian’s Latitude HR, payroll and benefits solution that launched in 2008, has been sunset. Healthcare providers replacing Ceridian Latitude HRIS have contacted HHIT to discuss data management options ranging from extraction to migration to retention of their human capital management records.

Historical employment records must be maintained for several years based on state and federal laws. While guidelines for human resources-related records range from a one to three year retention period, certain record types require longer time periods. W2’s, for example, must be kept for at least four years. OSHA requirements insist that records of job related illnesses and injuries be kept for five years. In addition, records related to medical exams along with toxic substances and blood-borne pathogen exposure must be retained for thirty years after termination of employment.

Bottom line: Electronic employee records, like patient records, require secure data archiving through a legacy data management strategy.

HRIS data migration to a HIPAA-compliant, long-term storage solution like HealthData Archiver® is often a preferred solution over a system-wide migration to the new HR system as it can be less costly and complex. Because HealthData Archiver® is an open, relational database, it is easier to map data to it versus transforming data from the format of the source HR, like Ceridian Latitude, into the format of the destination software.

Our team at Harmony Healthcare IT, ranked #1 in the category of data archiving by KLAS Research, helps healthcare providers consolidate data stores by decommissioning legacy EHR, HR and other administrative systems.  We securely archive and retain data from the patient, employee and business records across the healthcare enterprise. HealthData Archiver®, a long-term data storage solution, delivers a single point of access to maintain compliance in a secure and searchable format.

Faced with a system replacement for Ceridian Latitude or any other HR, payroll or benefits system??

Connect with our team to walk through an efficient plan for keeping legacy employee data accessible and secure within an active archive.

Aug 13 2020

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