WebChart EHR Manages Military Physicals and Maritime Medicine Worldwide


MIE utilizes WebChart EHR for remote medical data collection and synchronization in Middle East field physicals, enhancing patient care.

Harmony Healthcare IT corporate partner Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE), based in Fort Wayne, IN, recently announced that The George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates (GW-MFA) is utilizing its WebChart EHR to collect, track and manage medical information gathered from field physicals in the Middle East.

The project gives physicians the ability to collect medical data in the field even when they have limited internet access, and then automatically synchronize the information with WebChart when internet access is available. In addition, MIE is creating an electronic telemedicine application in support of Maritime Medical Access – the flagship telemedicine service provided by The George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates. The Web-based telemedicine application will assist GW-MFA Emergency Physicians when responding to and treating ill crew members at sea. These patient encounters will be kept within WebChart and HIPAA-compliant information will be forwarded to the ship’s company to inform them of the treatment and follow up protocols.

As part of the application, MIE and The GW-MFA will also create a personal health record (PHR) for the patient and automatically transfer the information into the patient’s account. Crew members will also have the option of setting up their own NoMoreClipboard PHR prior to deployment to allow the ship’s medical officer and the clinical staff, greater access to their full medical history.

To learn more about this project, visit the MIE website or contact Harmony Healthcare IT at 1-800-781-1044.

Oct 28 2011

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