To Keep or Replace Sage Medical Manager® to comply with ‘Meaningful Use’ and 5010/ICD-10? THAT is the Question.


Medical practices face deadlines to convert to ICD-10, Sage Medical Manager upgrade or replacement options discussed.

Achieving meaningful use of an electronic health record (EHR) is not the only deadline facing medical practices.  By federal mandate, in January of 2012, practices must process claims in the new 5010 format, a transaction standard that will support ICD-10 codes.  And then, by October of 2013, practices must successfully convert to ICD-10, an expanded billing nomenclature that will replace ICD-9.

That’s a massive list of information technology projects for any medical practice . . . or is it?

In our dealings with users of Sage Medical Manager, we find that many are feeling unnecessary pressure and confusion.  They feel pressured to upgrade or replace Medical Manager in order to comply with impending mandates when, in reality and in most cases, that may not be necessary.

There are options for complying with these mandates while keeping the tried-and-true Medical Manager billing engine in place so that cash flow is impacted minimally.  All it takes is the right version of the software, the right EDI clearinghouse and the right web-based, Medical Manager-compatible EHR.

If you’re on the lookout for straight-ahead, unbiased answers to your IT challenges, look no further.  Harmony Healthcare IT is offering a series of summer webinars for Sage Medical Manager users that brings explanation and clarity to your meaningful use and 5010 challenges.  We’ll help you determine if it’s right for your practice to keep or replace Medical Manager to comply with federal incentive programs and mandates.

Register for one of our 45-minute webinars occurring at 2pm EST on Tuesdays or 11am EST on Thursdays throughout August.

For registration information, call us at 1-800-781-1044 or visit

Jul 27 2011

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