The Promise of Precision Medicine and the Need It Creates for Legacy Data Management

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Precision medicine – a model of healthcare treatment that takes into consideration the genes, environment and lifestyle of individuals – requires large data sets to accurately predict which prevention strategies might work for a particular disease in certain populations.

For example, initiatives like the All of Us Research Program from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), recruits volunteers  from around the U.S. to provide genetic data, biological samples and other health information that is used to investigate a large range of diseases with the goal of better predicting disease risk and finding improved diagnosis and treatment strategies.

As interest increases and results become more apparent, the California Precision Medicine Advisory Committee reports that precision medicine will require significant investments in data storage, infrastructure, and security systems in the coming years to achieve its full potential.

This data storage and infrastructure must keep pace with the demand to preserve, manage, and share patient data, which is expected to increase for each patient from several gigabytes to terabytes of generated data in the near future. And as the uses for the increasing amounts of data exponentially expand, healthcare delivery organizations and research firms must solidify a legacy data management strategy that will keep protected health information (PHI) both safe and accessible. To contribute to precision medicine, this isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.  To address this, Harmony Healthcare IT has developed EMR Data Archiving for Precision Medicine.

Harmony Healthcare IT, ranked #1 in the category of data archiving by KLAS Research, helps healthcare providers consolidate data stores by decommissioning legacy systems and securely retaining PHI across the healthcare enterprise.

HealthData Archiver®, its long-term EMR data storage solution, delivers a single point of access for clinicians and researchers to vast stores of vital historical patient records. These clinical care records may contain critical and contextual information that could impact the analytics, data science and outcomes of precision medicine.

The new frontier of personalized, precision medicine holds bright promise for improving many aspects of health and healthcare. This includes the design of new tools for building, analyzing and sharing large sets of medical data as the amount of patient health data exponentially increases. Harmony Healthcare IT, with its mission of preserving vital information to strengthen care delivery and improve lives, welcomes the opportunity to make strategic legacy data management a part of that promise – and its EMR data archiving solutions for precision medicine is helping lead the way.

If you are part of a provider or research organization ready to be proactive with its legacy EMR data management, let’s talk.

Feb 11 2020

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