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Location, location, location. It matters in real estate.  Does it matter in healthcare IT as well?

From small practices to large enterprises, every healthcare organization has a decision to make regarding where its data is stored – on-site or in the cloud. This decision, which needs to be made for both active EHR and ERP applications as well as archived patient and business data from legacy systems — impacts finances, resources, security and project timelines.

Traditionally, healthcare organizations have purchased, housed and maintained their own infrastructure for data archiving. It felt secure and controlled, and it likely aligned with the deployment strategies for EHR and ERP.  However, on-premise archive deployment also came with a need for up-front investment, air-conditioned and monitored server space and dedicated IT resources.

Cue the Cloud.

In a recent survey, 70% of healthcare executives surveyed reported that health IT is trending toward the cloud. This is indicative of the notion that most healthcare organizations evaluating their storage strategy and infrastructure are likely moving to a cloud solution.

Beyond fulfilling the basic need for advanced and secure storage technology, archiving health and business data to the cloud versus on-site:

  • offers a predictable monthly investment versus up-front
  • eliminates the need for platform management and maintenance
  • makes deployment and the upgrade process quicker and easier
  • reduces the chances of data loss in the case of disaster

These advantages play a large part in why the global healthcare cloud market is forecasted to grow by $16.4 billion between 2017-2022, a compound annual growth rate of 22%.

Harmony Healthcare IT recognizes the desire in the industry for a secure, cloud-based data management tool to meet the demand for quick access to critical legacy data.

That’s why we offer HealthData Archiver®, a long-term data storage solution that delivers a single point of access to historical patient, employee or business data for healthcare delivery organizations.  The solution consolidates data stores, reduces out-of-production system maintenance costs, mitigates technical risk, complies with record retention mandates, and offers both interoperability and data analytics capabilities.

We may work in the cloud, but we’re down to earth with technical and business guidance to help your organization meet data management needs. If you’re searching for a new archiving solution built to accommodate healthcare clinical and release of information workflows, we’re ready to talk.

Jul 11 2019

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