Sage AND Emdeon Both Get Sold Prior to 5010 Deadline

Here they go again!

As reported just this morning, Sage has disposed of its U.S. Healthcare Division.  Who will own your Medical Manager support contract next?  Vista Equity Partners, a private- equity firm.  And, if you didn’t read about it back in August, Emdeon has also been sold off to a DIFFERENT private equity firm called The Blackstone Group.

Bad Timing for Medical Manager Users

The timing of these sales comes right before the impending 5010 deadline of 1/1/12.  As in its numerous mergers and acquisitions of the past, both Emdeon and Sage Healthcare Division are sure to be consumed operationally with these major brand and executive management transitions.

Are you ready for 5010?

As of 1/1/12, only claims submitted electronically in the 5010 format will be accepted.   That means your practice has less than 70 business days to become compliant with this federal mandate OR YOU WILL NOT GET PAID.

Make Your Move — You have Options!

When it comes to Medical Manager support and electronic claims submission — you have options!  Don’t jeopardize your cash flow by waiting for Emdeon and Sage, both of which are in a major corporate state of flux.  If you’re not already through testing of claims in the 5010 format, you’re taking a big risk by counting on Emdeon and Sage to tend to you as well as the thousands of other Intergy and Medical Manager users prior to the deadline.  They have  alot to get done in a short amount of time!

Cut Your Support Fees in Half AND Become 5010 Compliant

Contact Harmony Healthcare IT today to learn how we can support your practice for 50% less than what you’re paying annually to Sage AND how we get you to 5010 compliancy by 1/1/12.  For the past five years, Harmony Healthcare IT has been supporting thousands of providers who use The Medical Manager software.  We employ a team of senior-level Medical Manager technicians who left the Sage national call center years ago to make software support more personal again.

Contact us Today!

Fax a copy of your current Sage support contract to (574) 258-1045 and we’ll immediately turn around a proposal to get you up and running with us as quickly as possible.  Call us at (800)-781-1044 or visit us at

Sep 22 2011

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