Revenue Cycle Management Webinar on 09/22


Attend a revenue cycle management webinar to learn innovative technology solutions for healthcare businesses.

Join us tomorrow at 11am EST for a revenue cycle management webinar.  At the event, we will provide an overview of how our services cure administrative costs by applying innovative, creative and flexible technology solutions.  Here are some of the areas that will be covered:

  • Eligibility Verification.  Whether you’re performing verification individually or by batch, we can help reduce preventable claim errors and offer up to a 75% cost savings over manually verifying coverage. We can automatically download schedule files each night, process the inquiries, and have all responses available at the start of each day.
  • Patient Payments.  We can help your office significantly increase the collection of co-payments, co-insurance, and deductibles at the time of service. You can even schedule automatic payments from a patient’s credit card or checking account with our Payment Plans. All payments are then logged into a transaction report for easier posting, reconciling, and end of the day balancing.
  • Claims Management.  We can help your healthcare business overcome rejections, delays, denials, and any other obstacle between you and your reimbursements.  Your claims pass through an extensive system of edits to ensure that clean claims are delivered to payers the first time. Our powerful claims tracking feature eliminates lost claims by reporting when your claims are received, delivered and accepted by payers. If rejections do arise, our online tools allow you to research, edit, and resubmit your claims quickly.
  • Electronic Remittance Advice.  Delivering electronic remittance advices for nearly 500 payers, we ahve the direct connections and technology you need to automate your most costly, time-consuming, and manually intensive processes.  Let us auto-post your remittances for you. Need to find an individual remittance? No problem! Our ERA tools allow users to search for EOBs by check, payer or patient name.
  • Patient Collections.  Professional statements and collection letters produced by our Print Services solution are easy to read, understand and pay.  Utilizing E-Commerce, we will develop a customizable payment portal and encourage your patients to pay their bill online by printing the web address on all outgoing statements. For those payments arriving by mail, our innovative Lockbox solution automates the process of opening the daily mail, creating deposit tickets, depositing checks, reconciling balances and posting patient payments.
  • Healthcare Analytics.  By using our Healthcare Analytics, your business can harness the power of business intelligence to improve the overall performance of your revenue cycle processes.  With our Healthcare Analytics tools you can benchmark your performance against others in your state, region or specialty. Our Denial Management and Decision Support tools will also analyze your remittance advices to identify the root causes behind your denials, zero pays, claim reversals and more.

To register for our online overview of these features, contact us at (800)-781-1044.

Sep 21 2009

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