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HealthData Talks: Mitigating Legacy Data Risks

In this episode, Shannon Larkin and Bridget Group, discuss legacy data and the inherent risks associated with storing and managing it within a healthcare organization. Join us as we also look at ways to mitigate these risks.

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Key Moments

(1:05) Larkin and Group kick off the conversation by breaking down legacy data into layperson’s terms. Group explains that many client conversations revolve around the cost of this data and the burden it has on IT departments, but there is a need to focus on the legal aspect, too.

(2:45) Larkin asks about the specific risks that healthcare organizations should consider regarding their legacy data management strategy. Group elaborates on the two main categories to focus on: security risks and regulatory compliance, especially with the 21st Century Cures Act.

(4:48) Group explains the critical compliance points of being able to easily access legacy data in addition to needing to remain compliant with state and federal data retention requirements.

(6:19) Larkin questions where an organization would need to begin to manage the risks and Group says a good place to start is to understand all the sources of data an organization is collecting. Asking the HIM and IT departments to assist with creating a comprehensive list of these can be helpful.

(8:40) Developing a cross-functional governance board can be helpful for understanding all the systems within an organization and is a great team to document and understand what those systems are used for, Group adds. Larkin and Group then discuss how to appropriately manage the data across an organization, so it is put to its best possible use.



Shannon Larkin, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Harmony Healthcare IT, utilizes her 25+ years of health IT experience to connect healthcare organizations with a team of experts that consolidate and modernize data storage to reduce cost and risk.

Bridget Group, LD, Corporate Counsel at Harmony Healthcare IT, has years of health IT experience, working in solution planning, project and program management, and legal analysis. As a consultant at Cerner Corporation, Group simultaneously leg solution implementation for numerous clients. She transitioned implementation skills into project management for Harmony Healthcare IT clients.

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