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HealthData Talks: Cures Act & Consumer Access

In this HealthData Talks episode, Shannon Larkin and Dave Navarro, Senior Director of Data Science at Harmony Healthcare IT, discuss what the 21st Century Cures Act means to providers and how it impacts historical data record request fulfillment.

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Key Moments

(1:20) The podcast kicks off with Navarro diving into the Information Blocking Rule of the Cures Act, discussing how the  rule focuses on enabling patients access to their own health records. Better informed patients lead to better outcomes.

(3:26) Larkin and Navarro discuss who is impacted by the Information Blocking Rule in the health ecosystem further than providers. Navarro explains how the ONC has categorized three sets “actors” the rule applies to.

(3:12) Next, consequences for providers who are not complying with the Information Blocking Rule at a high-level. Navarro covers how and where people can submit an information blocking claim on the ONC’s website. Penalties are clearly defined on the website for health IT vendors and providers.

(4:15) Navarro shares statistics around valid information blocking claims that have been filed on the ONC’s website. Around 600 claims have been filed reporting information blocking and 499 of those claims were against providers.

(4:50) The information that is required to be shared with a patient when they make a request is covered by Navarro. He then explains how the USCDI has clearly defined the content that needs shared and recent changes to the Information Blocking Provision.

(6:20) When hospitals have an archiving strategy in place, Larkin asks how historical records and active records marry up to fulfill a patient request. Navarro covers how Harmony Healthcare IT is helping HealthData Archiver® clients navigate the Information Blocking Provision of the Cures Act with a new offering – Secure Record Delivery, powered by HealthData Integrator®.

(8:37) Lastly, Navarro encourages providers to come up with a strategy that includes a defined HIPAA designated record set, including data from the archive to provide patients a copy of their full clinical narrative.



Shannon Larkin, VP of Marketing and Business Development, utilizes her 25+ years of health IT experience to connect healthcare organizations with a team of experts that consolidate and modernize data storage to reduce cost and risk.

David Navarro, Senior Director of Data Science at Harmony Healthcare IT. David has over 22 years of health information technology experience in Integration and Health Information Exchange. In his professional career, David has focused on data quality, data insights, and interoperability. He has implemented hundreds of interfaces between clinical and financial systems utilizing a variety of integration platforms, custom ETL processes, and nationally accepted standards.  He continues to drive interoperability initiatives and focuses on the curation and accessibility of data in the healthcare ecosystem.


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