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HealthData Talks: Measuring Quality in Projects

In this episode of HealthData Talks, Shannon Larkin and Tim Liddell, Strategic Advisor at Harmony Healthcare IT, cover Harmony Healthcare IT’s approach, execution, and deliverables to quality checks and customer feedback during different project stages. 

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Key Moments

(0:54) The episode kicks off with Larkin introducing Liddell and his areas of focus within the organization – process improvement and quality. He hits on the structured program Harmony has formed around measuring quality regarding client feedback from projects.

(2:11) Next, Larkin and Liddell discuss the operational commitment it takes to get client feedback. Liddell explains how three sets of client interviews are set up and spread out amongst the different project stages and the selection process of who is interviewed.

(4:58) Project timeframe and Harmony’s structural approach to feedback is covered. Liddell hits on how the archives Harmony produces differ from client to client, meaning timeframes can range. Project Managers oversee scheduling quality checks at the appropriate times so the quality checks align with the correct project phases. The goal is to have client check-ins timed so the archive work Harmony has done is relevant and fresh for accurate feedback.

(8:45) Larkin asks Liddell how client satisfaction is measured. Liddell explains that Harmony has their own way of measuring satisfaction, and they use Net Promoter Scores (NPS). Harmony scores an average from the planning, work, and utilization scores to look for patterns and trends of where improvements can be made and identify areas they are doing exceptionally well in.

(10:08) The way Harmony tracks quality in comparison to other industry analysts such as KLAS, is the next topic of discussion. Liddell comments that Harmony has a unique program put in place that clients realize and appreciate Harmony’s efforts in improvements based on feedback and scores.

(11:47) The subject changes to the different stakeholders Liddell speaks to most often when conducting project interviews. He explains how he often speaks to Project Managers, subject manager experts, technical folks, and CIOs.

(12:40) Harmony has not only archived archives but has taken over and finished archives for clients when a competitor vendor was unable to complete the project. Larkin and Liddell discuss reasons competitors have been unable to deliver projects and the most difficult part of archives as it relates to the legacy system. Liddell hits on planning and expectation setting with clients. Archives are utilized by users in different departments within a healthcare organization. Harmony has been able to modify their products based on feedback provided by clients to better serve them.



Shannon Larkin, VP of Marketing and Business Development, utilizes her 25+ years of health IT experience to connect healthcare organizations with a team of experts that consolidate and modernize data storage to reduce cost and risk.

Tim Liddell,
Strategic Advisor at Harmony Healthcare IT, brings nearly 40 years of experience creating and deploying IT offerings in the healthcare space, Tim brings a strong knowledge base to help facilitate operational efficiency and growth. Tim has worked successfully in a variety of verticals including EHR, ePrescribing, provider network development, medication adherence, population health and behavioral health.


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