Medical Manager Software Support: Getting More for Less


Medical Manager® software manages cash flow, receives $44K EHR incentive funding, supports costs, and improves billing with online innovators.

Your practice, along with thousands of others, has managed its cash flow with The Medical Manager® software for decades.  Widely installed across multiple specialties and group sizes, it just works.

Protect Your Investment and Your Cash Flow.
As the government encourages physicians to adopt electronic health records (EHR), many users are evaluating their options to replace Medical Manager with fully-integrated solutions like Intergy, NextGen or Allscripts. This isn’t necessary.  There are plenty of equally-good and affordable  ”plug-in” EHR solutions that will interface to and work alongside Medical Manager, allowing you to protect that original investment. And, by choosing to keep your financial system and not re-train your billing staff, you reduce the risk of cash flow disruption in the system transition.  Call Harmony Healthcare IT to learn about your EHR options for Medical Manager.

Receive up to $44K in EHR Incentive Funding.
When it comes to EHR, you probably have a pretty good idea whether your doctor intends to take advantage of the government’s ‘meaningful use’ incentive program or not.  If there IS an intention of implementing an EHR, why not take action while the $44k in incentive funding is available to you?  Join Harmony Healthcare IT’s webinar on Tue., 6/19/12 at 11am EST to learn what it takes to qualify for the $44k in incentives using your Medical Manager system.

Cut Medical Manager Support Costs by 20%.
You are not locked-in to receiving system support from Vitera Healthcare Solutions only.  There are a number of firms, like Harmony, that have supported Medical Manager for years.  Get the quick response times, quality service and go-forward guidance that you should expect from your health IT vendor — just like you did in the “old days” before support went corporate. Call Harmony Healthcare IT to learn how to cut your annual Medical Manager support costs by up to 20%.

Enhance Billing with Faster Payments.
Emdeon Business Services is not the only claims clearinghouse available to you.  There are other online innovators that turn dozens of steps into an easy click — eliminating administrative burden so you get paid faster from both payers and patients. Call Harmony Healthcare IT to learn how you can increase your cash flow with an easy on-boarding process to change clearinghouses.

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Why wait any longer?  Give us a call TODAY so we can elaborate on how to get more for less from your Medical Manager system.

The Medical Manager is a registered trademark ofVItera Healthcare Solutions.  Harmony is not affiliated with Vitera.

Jun 12 2012

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