Claim Denial and Appeal Management for Medical Manager


Harmony Healthcare IT offers cost-effective, efficient denial management solution using The Medical Manager software.

Although 90% of denials are preventable and 67% are recoverable, many providers don’t aggressively pursue claims adjustments. That’s because traditional denial management workflows are costly, inefficient, time-consuming, and frustrating. And the payer-specific appeal paperwork they require can be confusing and difficult to streamline.

We now offer a denial and appeal management solution to our clients using The Medical Manager(r) software (as well as healthcare providers using other billing software).  This solution delivers a streamlined, easy-to-use best-practices workflow.

Features include:

  • Streamlined productivity tools and information to help you quickly, easily—and effectively—appeal denials
  • A powerful, user-friendly Denial Dashboard so you can focus first on denials with the highest potential for reimbursement
  • Status information on all denials so you can identify workflow bottlenecks and take steps to correct them
  • Root cause analyssis of denials to you can identify and prevent them
  • Tracking for staff productivity, appeal effectiveness, and payer denial trends

We help users of The Medical Manager software by supporting their helpdesk needs and facilitating claims submission.  Contact Harmony Healthcare IT today to learn more about its revenue cycle management offering, specifically denial and appeal management.  Ask about upcoming webinars to learn more about this newest feature.

Aug 24 2015

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