Healthcare Remains Active Target for Cyber Security Threats

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Healthcare ranks in the top four industries for cyber security risks according to a report by the University of San Diego. Connected cars, Smart Medical Devices/EHRs, Third Party Vendors and Cyber Espionage are named as the highest areas posing significant cyber security risks along with their high technology benefits.

A poll by Health IT News and HIMSS states that 75% of all hospitals surveyed have been hit by a ransomware attack in the past year. Attacks are expected to increase while the industry adapts to managing the massive amounts of patient and other data under its control.

Further in the healthcare arena, emerging smart medical devices have little or no security settings leaving them vulnerable if a hacker should find a way to manipulate the device, dosage or electrical signals.

While healthcare organizations are a big target for phishing attacks, ransomware attacks and unauthorized third-party hacking, there are recommended steps to protect your organization. Rick Adams, Vice President of IT and HIPAA Privacy and Compliance Officer at Harmony Healthcare IT regularly works with Harmony Healthcare IT clients on EHR security issues. He recently outlined the following protective measures that still ring true today.

Where are you at with the security of your legacy application portfolio?  Do you have out-of-production systems still running in read-only format?  Are there disparate systems on various platforms, or, have you consolidated legacy data stores to a single, secure archive?  Work with Harmony Healthcare IT to secure your legacy EHR and ERP data in a HIPAA-compliant archive to help protect your organization from additional cyber security threats.

Apr 19 2017

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