Harmony Offers Top-Performing KLAS-rated Saas-based EHR to Medical Manager users


KLAS rated Medical Informatics Engineering as top SaaS-based EMR provider with 83.8 points for advanced solutions.

Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE), a business partner of Harmony Healthcare IT’s, was recently rated by KLAS as one of the nation’s top SaaS-based EMR providers in the healthcare IT industry. KLAS, one of the best-known and most widely respected healthcare research firms, reported that MIE earned an overall performance score of 83.8 points – tied for the third highest of all vendor products surveyed nationwide – relating to EMR response time, customer support and ease of use.

In preparing its just-released report – “SaaS EMR 2012: Is It For You?” – KLAS spoke with nearly 300 healthcare providers that are currently using a SaaS EMR to better understand which vendors offer the most comprehensive solutions. Providers identified four key areas that differentiated the vendors: EMR response time, customer support, product quality and bang for the buck. The report says, “The SaaS EMR deployment model is becoming more popular for providers who want minimal up-front cost and the burden of maintenance lifted from them. Luckily for providers, there are plenty of good [vendors that]… are consistently delivering intuitive, fast-moving solutions that offer high-ranking support and high-value per dollar spent.”

The KLAS report also notes that 100 percent of MIE’s customers have WebChart as part of their long-term healthcare IT plans. According to the report, MIE ranked among the highest in EMR response time, support and ease of use. One MIE customer said, “WebChart EMR is easy to use. Its functionality is very user friendly… [It] is very straightforward. I can navigate easily and locate all I need.”

MIE offers a Minimally Invasive™ suite of products that are easy to use, flexible and cost effective. MIE solutions are in use today by over 2,500 clinics and hospitals throughout the U.S. and by corporate employee health clinics in 17 countries around the world in 6 languages. MIE also provides advanced solutions for chronic disease management, personal health records and complete wellness modules.

For more information about how MIE’s WebChart EMR can interface to your Medical Manager(r) system, contact a representative at Harmony Healthcare IT.

The Medical Manager is a registered trademark of Vitera Healthcare Solutions.  Harmony Healthcare IT is not affiliated with Vitera.

May 24 2012

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