Expert Take: EHR Replacement Solution for Medical Practices

Mike Burger

One theme that health IT consultant Mike Burger sees at outpatient clinics is frustration with the current electronic health record (EHR), mostly driven by the fact that the practice has outgrown the system it has relied on for years. While system replacement often is viewed as the solution, the challenge of handling years-worth of legacy data that must be retained is still an issue.

When advising organizations of their next steps, Mike Burger recommends archiving legacy data. As a result, the data is still available, easily accessible, and stored in a secure and searchable format. Archiving allows the organization to easily move on to its new EHR system without having to deal with a tedious and costly data conversion.

Click here to watch a short video featuring Mike Burger at HIMSS18, weighing in on the topics of EHR system replacement and archiving.

Harmony Healthcare IT works with medical practices of all sizes and in various states of planning for legacy data retention. We have a streamlined and seamless process that removes the burden of how to manage historical records while meeting record retention mandates.

Contact the legacy data management specialists at Harmony Healthcare IT to learn more about medical record retention tools like HealthData Archiver®.

About Mike Burger: Mike Burger is a Senior Consultant at Point-of-Care Partners, a leading management consulting firm that specializes in assisting healthcare organizations to evaluate, develop, and implement winning health information management strategies. With 25+ years of experience, Mike has become a specialist in Electronic Health Records (EHR), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Health Information Exchange (HIE).

Jul 24 2018

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