Convert to Paragon or Shop Other Options: What’s on the Horizon for your McKesson HPF System?

Strategy On Road

As reported on HIStalk, it’s been about four years since McKesson announced it would increase investment, research and development to make Paragon its centerpiece hospital IT system.  Since then, McKesson has faced an uphill battle in its attempts to convert Horizon customers to Paragon.  While some Horizon customers have made the McKesson HPF to Paragon conversion, others have been evaluating their options to replace McKesson entirely.

McKesson HPF Data Archive as a part of a Migration Strategy

Migrating data from McKesson Horizon to any new go-forward system can be costly and complex.  An alternative to migrating data and images from one system to another is to archive all legacy patient records, migrating only demographics and recent, key clinicals to the go-forward system.  Discrete data element archives of today are far superior to their .pdf predecessors and offer searchable data fields for streamlined eDiscovery and response to request for information for years to come.   That makes legacy data easily accessible to clinicians, HIM resources and other staff members who’ll need to access it.  It also keeps the go-forward system “clean.”

The timing may be right to archive Horizon and other outdated electronic health record (EHR) systems to systematically save time, effort and cost down the road. One of the best reasons to archive is that it is vendor neutral, so, multiple EHR’s can be housed together for the long haul. Having a well-built archive eliminates the cost of keeping ongoing maintenance contracts with multiple vendors of disparate outdated systems.

If you’re a McKesson HPF shop that hasn’t yet made a move, there are a lot of considerations at play to determine which go-forward system makes the most sense for your organization. Regardless of the direction you take, archival of the historical records that won’t or can’t migrate is a sure-fire way to comply with state and federal retention mandates, reduce maintenance costs and mitigate long-term technical risks associated with leaving the application up and running in read-only mode.

To hold a discussion about the details of a McKesson HPF data archive, browse our websitelearn about how efficiently we archive McKesson HPF and contact us.

Mar 29 2016

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