Clinical Data Needs to Greet Patient at Every Turn

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Patients are on the move. Over one patient’s lifetime, they may visit numerous specialists, have a few inpatient stays and maybe even move to a new state. As patients move, their clinical data needs to keep up with them and be readily available at the point of care, every time.

A group of outpatient clinics in New York really understands this concept.  To increase the connected services for its patients and better monitor their records over time, this group has implemented a system to track and monitor transitional care between four major patient evolutions:

  1. Emergency room or inpatient settings to outpatient providers
  2. Pediatric to adult
  3. Referrals between disciplines
  4. The addition of new patients

Managing Current and Historical Clinical Data

While the go-forward EHR can be used for managing current clinical data, a solution must also be considered for the entire patient data lifecycle.  Oftentimes, due to system replacement, merger and acquisition or the cost and complexity of data conversion; historical patient data is not always readily available in the go-forward EHR. So, what about these older patient records?  Shouldn’t that data be just as accessible as the current data for patient transitions to ensure the best outcomes over a lifetime?  We say yes.

At Harmony Healthcare IT, Data Availability for the full clinical narrative of the patient is a top priority.  To us, that means that historical clinical data will be available to clinical, HIM, legal, compliance, revenue cycle and IT users when it’s needed, where it’s needed and how it’s needed.  There are a variety of ways this can be accomplished.  There are also a variety of ways that the current data and historical clinical data can marry up even though they may be stored separately.

Our team of clinical data experts is focused on delivering both ambulatory and hospital-based client solutions that deliver data to the point of care and provide a secure, vendor neutral archive to help meet objectives for comprehensive clinical data availability.

We’re ready to help you put your patient data in its place — to make it available. Contact us today to get started with data extraction, migration and retention solutions.  Let’s discuss how Data Availability can benefit your patient population.

Apr 10 2017

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