Bringing a More Complete Narrative to Life — In and Out of the Office

#InHarmony Underwater

Where in the world might you find our team members when they’re away from the office?  Practically anywhere — a mountain top, the ocean floor, the heart of New York City, the islands of Japan . . . even Cinderella’s Castle.  At Harmony Healthcare IT, we work hard and we play hard.  We call that being #InHarmony.

We’re sharing snapshots of our traveling logo to show that each person on our team is more than their contribution at work.  Each person has a story and work is simply one part of their fuller life.

We encourage work-life balance.

We admire the spirit of adventure.

We applaud the achievement of goals.


So, in the spirit of being #InHarmony, we will consolidate and archive photos of our team members — celebrating their zest for living in places all over the planet, or even right here in our home town.  We’ll do this so our followers can access a more complete narrative of our team. We’re pretty comfortable with this assignment as we focus every day on helping healthcare providers migrate and consolidate disparate legacy health records into a secure archive solution, HealthData® Archiver.  Making a more complete patient narrative accessible to physicians when decisions are made at the point of care is important – oftentimes even critical.

We take a lot of pride in preserving snapshots in time.

We look forward — several months or years from now – to looking back and appreciating where our team has been.  It’s fair to say we’re partial to both looking forward and looking back.

If you have a lot to offer and want to be #InHarmony, check out our careers page.

Jul 12 2018

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