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Yesterday, millions of viewers tuned in to the CBS News Sunday Morning story on Epic, a company many have never heard of despite the fact that its software handles the medical records of about 60% of patients in our country.

But for those of us working in health IT, Epic is a household name. The company, its theme park-like campus, its well-known CEO, and its 10,000 employees are anything but “behind the scenes” in our day-to-day work. As CBS Sunday Morning put it, Epic is a “system that is now integral to patient care in nearly every major U.S. health system.”

In fact, according to, among hospitals with 500 or more beds, Epic has a 58% market share and among all 5,400 acute care hospitals nationwide, 28% market share.

As the Epic software hold grows, so too does the need for data archiving.

Because 100% of the legacy data from a system that Epic replaces doesn’t get converted to Epic, there is a need to address it. Access to a complete historical medical record – including legacy health data – is imperative to a physician’s ability to deliver an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Archiving the data and making it available via single sign-on from Epic is a good solution because, as Mayo Clinic physician Dr. Steve Peters noted in the broadcast, having all of a patient’s medical information come from one source makes providing good patient care a lot easier and “without good access to data, you really are flying blind.” To achieve this, there needs to be a data management plan when switching to the Epic EMR system.

Harmony Healthcare IT (HHIT) is a legacy data management firm that archives patient, employee and business records for healthcare organizations nationwide. Since 2006, we’ve extracted, migrated and retained records from over 350 different clinical, financial and administrative software brands that market-leading systems like Epic have replaced. We secure that information on our cloud-based storage platform, HealthData Archiver®, which is live in production on Epic’s App Orchard

To support the “one source” concept Dr. Peters advocates for, our Single Sign-On with Epic connects clinicians from the active EHR to the active archive, HealthData Archiver®. That creates an opportunity for wholistic access to the patient’s stored medical history.

While our Harmony Healthcare IT brand may not be recognized by the millions of Americans who caught the CBS Sunday Morning Epic story yesterday, it is becoming much more well-known in the health IT space. Harmony Healthcare IT was recently ranked #1 in the 2020 Best in KLAS Software & Services Report as a Category Leader in Data Archiving. We were also ranked as the top data extraction and migration healthcare IT company by Black Book™ Rankings.

Our deep experience in extracting and migrating legacy data into a secure and searchable active archive provides our clients with the peace of mind that their life cycle of data is handled. Our legacy data management solution consolidates data stores, reduces out-of-production system maintenance costs, mitigates technical risk, complies with record retention mandates and offers both interoperability and data analytics capabilities.

Are you an Epic user looking for a trusted solution to help manage historical patient, employee, and business records? Would patient context sharing with integrated clinical views, release of information workflows, revenue cycle features, and eDiscovery capabilities make work life easier?

We’re here to help.

Feb 24 2020

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