RockWood Group consulted for integrated delivery network, saving $17 million, preserving data integrity.

Case Study The RockWood Group

The RockWood Group (RWG), a health information technologies consulting firm, consulted for an integrated delivery network (IDN) made up of nine hospitals, 1,200 beds and 700 physicians. One IT project for that IDN was to manage the decommissioning of 40 legacy medical, revenue cycle, HR/payroll and ancillary systems, securely archiving the data.

The IDN’s IT department was close to selecting a data archiving solution at the time, but Helen Thompson, CEO of RWG, advised them to give their end-users a chance to review the archiving system before making a final decision. She also encouraged the IT department to bring in Harmony Healthcare IT for a demonstration of its long-term storage platform, HealthData Archiver®.

When Harmony Healthcare IT visited the client site, “the end users evaluated HealthData Archiver® and reviewed how it would manage workflows once data was put in,” said Helen. “Nearly 100 percent of them agreed that HealthData Archiver® was the tool they wanted.”

The IT team also recognized the diverse data management experience and systematic project methodology Harmony Healthcare IT offered to manage its vast inventory of systems.

Helen Thompson, CEO

“The Harmony team is professional and committed. Most importantly, they deliver on time. Their knowledge of the multitude of EHRs out there is incredible. Working with Harmony has helped to mitigate
cybersecurity risks, save my client money, and reduce their labor burden. From an operational perspective, HealthData Archiver® has improved the release of information and clinical workflows.”
– Helen Thompson, CEO, The RockWood Group


HealthData Archiver® provides consolidated legacy records for end users, making them easier to access and more secure.

“Historical data that a physician used to have to wait days to see is now embedded in the electronic health record they’re using and can be accessed through Single Sign-On with a click of a button,” said Helen. “HealthData Archiver® really changes the availability of historical information in the workflow of our clinical users.”

In addition to its product being the best option for end-users, Helen found that the ability for Harmony Healthcare IT to deliver met and exceeded expectations.

“Harmony is an expert in its field,” said Helen. “Their team understands the goals and timelines. They were able to accelerate some timelines for us to match up with budgetary goals. We found them very easy to work with.”

Saved Money

The IDN saved a projected $17 million over three years with the data archiving project.

Minimized Data Integrity Issues

Data integrity was preserved as a result of validation testing and training.

Delivered Projects On Time and On Budget

Expanded the Use of the Archive

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Apr 09 2020

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