10 Things to Know Before You Put Your Trust in a Legacy Data Archiving Partner

10 Privacy and Security Questions to ask your future data archiving partner

When migrating personally identifiable information (PII) from one database to another, privacy and security are critical.  Because the role of your data archiving vendor is to migrate and retain patient or employee data from your inventory of legacy systems into a single storage place, vetting out its commitment to security protocols and standards should be a top priority.

For this reason, we’ve put together a list of the “10 privacy and security questions to ask your future data archiving partner to make sure your data is safe.”  This is a great tool to help you compare and contrast archiving vendors on the topic of security, which, arguably, should be your first order of business to narrow your list of vendors in the selection process.

Focusing solely on health data management and archiving for over a decade now, Harmony Healthcare IT has fielded thousands of security questions from prospects who have written a request for proposal for EMR or ERP data storage.  In responding to each of these concerns through the years, we have developed a robust security framework not only within our HealthData Archiver® solution but also within our company culture.

Bottom line:  the security of your data matters to us.  

Click here to download the 10 Things You Need to Know… and contact us when you are ready to discuss your data migration and archiving needs.

Aug 27 2018

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