ZirMed for EDI with The Medical Manager(r) software


Many medical practices have switched to ZirMed for electronic claims submission, eligibility, and electronic remittance advice, reducing denied claims and providing more control. Contact us for information on switching.

Frustrated with the clearinghouse managing your claims submitted through The Medical Manager(r) software? There is an alternative. Many of the medical practices that we support using Medical Manager have switched over to ZirMed for claims submission, eligibility, electronic remittance advice, and more.

Here’s what one of our supported Medical Manager user sites, an orthopedic and sports medicine practice in Indiana, has to say about switching over to ZirMed for managing its electronic claims submission:

“…changing to Zirmed has decreased denied claims in our office because I can check eligibility before they walk in the door or after they are here. I am also able see my patient claims and statements online and am given a chance to correct a rejected claim or address issue and have it resubmitted right away. I have more control.”

If your practice is seeking an alternative EDI solution for its Medical Manager software,contact us for more information on how to make the switch.

Feb 27 2009

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