You’re Hired! Marketing Internship Leads to Full time Position


Colleen Dalton, IU graduate, interned at Harmony Healthcare IT, became Marketing Coordinator, and gained experience in secure clinical data management.

Colleen Dalton

Although Colleen Dalton hadn’t studied healthcare in her coursework, she spent the summer of 2015 interning for the Harmony Healthcare IT (HHIT) marketing department.  That role extended to a remote part-time position throughout her senior year until she officially joined the company as Marketing Coordinator in May of 2016, days after graduating from IU with a degree in Management and Business.

“I jumped in and worked on whatever was needed,” says Colleen. “I made hundreds of cold calls and helped manage the customer relationship management system.  This was the best way to soak up new information.”

Interns like Colleen join all facets of the organization, from administrative roles to database and systems analyst positions.  They gain practical work experience in health information technology, focusing primarily on the secure management and storage of clinical data with the company’s product, Health Data Archiver.

“We’re looking for capable students who are willing to learn from the ground up,” says Shannon Larkin, VP of Marketing & Business Development.  “By starting on the phones to generate leads, Colleen quickly immersed into a new industry.  She learned the language of our prospects and gained a solid understanding the technical workflows that support our sales and marketing efforts.  Today, she’s managing lead distribution, generating departmental metrics, posting blog content, managing our social media channels and coordinating webinar and tradeshow logistics.”

Colleen says the HHIT team makes it obvious it wants each and every employee to succeed.  “There are endless opportunities at this young and growing company,” she adds. “That makes this a great first job out of college.”

Three big things Colleen learned from her internship:

1. Reaching out for help – I knew little to nothing about health information technology when I started, so, right away, I learned it was okay to ask for help. I asked a lot of questions to make sure I fully understood my objectives. That quickly led to me managing tasks on my own.

2. Communicating well – In order to be successful in the work world, you need to be able to communicate with others. It was necessary to have an open flow of communication to make sure everyone was on the same page and things were going as planned.

3. Being a team player – I learned that even though everyone works together, we each have our own role within the organization. Some tasks may seem much smaller than others, but each is extremely important in order for the company to run smoothly.

Colleen on the future of healthcare technology
Health IT is growing by the minute. There are endless opportunities for expansion. This is a great industry to be involved in as it is something that will always be necessary.

Colleen on her career goals
As I’m pushed to explore new areas outside my comfort zone, I expand my horizons.  Right now, I appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow.  That is what will help me determine my long-term career goals.

Harmony HIT Team Member WorkingColleen on South Bend as a place to live and work
Besides my time at IU, I have lived in South Bend since the day I was born. My mom owns a breakfast restaurant downtown, so, I’ve grown up with a great appreciation for this community. I enjoy South Bend.  There are always familiar faces and lots of ways to get involved.

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Sep 20 2016

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