Is your healthcare organization in the midst of EHR replacement? A merger or acquisition? Or, maybe it’s focused on consolidating outdated legacy EHR systems?

If you’re creating a system decommissioning plan, the data management vendors you choose to work with are as important as the archiving product being offered.  It’s necessary to evaluate both.

Here’s a list of absolute essentials to help assess a potential data archiving partner before making a final selection.


  1. Focused primarily on healthcare
  2. A strong reputation and breadth of experience migrating data from a variety of systems
  3. Able to provide references from like-sized hospitals or health systems
  4. Does not have a history of litigation or data breach
  5. Responsive and easy to do business with
  6. Routinely updates product to ensure high level security of records for the duration of the retention period
  7. Does minimal to no outsourcing for its extract/transform/load (ETL) work
  8. Offers an in-depth legacy system discovery and proposal process that limits future change orders
  9. Offers a systematic on-boarding process and project management methodology
  10. Conducts frequent quality checkpoints from extraction through validation to archive deployment

Ready to get your legacy data management plan on track with a partner who meets all these criteria? We’re ready to chat.


Apr 03 2019

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