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Harmony Healthcare IT supports numerous medical practices using The Medical Manager software for practice management. Developed in the 1980s, the software has been used by hundreds of thousands of users, ensuring cash flow and line item management of claims. Technicians have built careers supporting and upgrading the system, creating custom programs and interfacing it with electronic medical records systems.

At Harmony Healthcare IT, in addition to our many service offerings to technically support healthcare organizations, we have come to support a good number of medical practices that use The Medical Manager(r) software for practice management.

Typically, the software was purchased and installed in the 1980’s by a Medical Manager dealer.  Over time, through an IPO and a flurry of mergers and acquisitions, the software was likely upgraded by Medical Manager Corporation, WebMD, Emdeon Practice Services, or Sage Software Healthcare Division.  Through all of the corporate commotion and chaos, one thing has remained constant:  these users have been dedicated to The Medical Manager product for well over a decade! …some for more than two decades!

Loyalty to The Medical Manager software is unwavering.  And that’s for good reason…it works like a horse to ensure cash flow — especially when coupled with the right EDI solution.

Medical Manager is one of the most dependable, highly functional practice management systems that has ever hit the ambulatory physician market.  After years of use by hundreds of thousands of users, it doesn’t fail to deliver in the areas of line item management of claims and presentation of patient information.

That’s why we’re happy to support the product.  We get it.  The Medical Manager is a great system.  We should know because our technicians have built careers around supporting it, training on it, upgrading it, creating custom programs for it, interfacing it to electronic medical records systems… you name it.

So, if you’re looking for an alternative for Medical Manager support — look no further.  We’d be happy to discuss how you can put us to work for you.

Jan 20 2009

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