Options for Winding Down Legacy Account Receivables Records After a Billing System Replacement


Thinking of replacing your billing and collections system? Read the summary below or listen to the full podcast with Harmony Healthcare IT’s own Jeremy Henry, VP of Business Development, to learn how to efficiently wind down legacy AR and set your organization up for success.

Revenue Integrity Podcast with Jeremy Henry

Before replacing your billing and collections systems, there are many questions to consider. How will the legacy data be handled? How will you wind down account receivables (AR) records?

If your organization plans to transition to a new AR system, it’s important to think about these and other decision in advance.

On a recent episode of The Revenue Integrity Show: A NAHRI Podcast, Director of The National Association of Healthcare Revenue Integrity (NAHRI), Jaclyn Fitzgerald, CHRI, and Jeremy Henry, VP of Business Development at Harmony Healthcare IT, discuss active archiving as an option for managing financial legacy data.

Henry remarks that there is inherent security risk in leaving data in a legacy system as the system ages. Henry suggests an alternative of migrating the data into an active archive, such as HealthData AR Manager® and winding it down from there within a far more secure environment.

In a review of the benefits and disadvantages of archiving, Henry describes how users experience a “good, clean break” from the legacy software and can benefit from a clear delineation of working AR down to zero within the active archive environment where the resolved records can then be stored long-term.

Henry ran through some of the features of an active archive indicating that “You can run all the reports and do everything you did in the old legacy system…so, at the end of the day, it enables really good management and accountability for the organization.”  Other features possible in an active archive,  according to Henry, including the following:

  • Refiling 837s
  • Receiving 835s
  • Sending statements
  • Posting payments, adjustments, memos and refund requests
  • Standard reports and extracts

For more information on winding down legacy A/R systems, check out the March 25 podcast or visit the Harmony Healthcare IT website.

Jun 04 2021

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