Integrated Data Validation Keeps Archive Process Efficiently Automated

Data Validation

When it comes to archiving medical records, every data element must be retained with 100% accuracy. That’s why the extraction, migration and retention of protected health information includes data validation — the process of checking its consistency, accuracy, completeness and quality.

Validation is a critical step for achieving success in any migration or archiving project. It both ensures the integrity of information as it moves from its source to its destination and verifies that data displays and functions as expected. Because of its impact on quality, validation is performed first by the vendor and then by the client before the project advances.

To accelerate project cycle times, ensure that data is migrated with accuracy, and confirm that archiving software functions as anticipated, Harmony Healthcare IT has integrated the validation process to occur right within its long-term record storage platform, HealthData Archiver®, as a standard feature.  A simple communication tool within the user interfaces allows a user to quickly and easily document and report questions or concerns in one of three categories during validation testing:

Data Validation

  • Bookmark-by-bookmark
  • Field-by-field
  • Documents and Images
  • Chart Order

Feature Validation

  • Record search
  • Filter and sort
  • Download and print
  • Exporting

Issue Management

  • Identify and document issues
  • Resolve issues to 100% satisfaction

The benefit of HealthData Archiver®’s integrated validation feature is that the manual spreadsheets and emails often associated with the validation reporting process between client and vendor are eliminated.  That saves both parties time and reduces potential errors.

Ranked number one in the 2020 Best in KLAS Software & Services Report as a Category Leader in Data Archiving, Harmony Healthcare IT, the maker of HealthData Archiver®, has extracted or migrated patient, employee or business records from over 500 EHR and ERP brand names. That includes the major leading EHR brands you would expect like Allscripts, Cerner, CCPSI/Evident, eClinicalworks, GE, Greenway, Healthland, McKesson, Medhost, MEDITECH, NextGen and Practice Partner. It also includes the “rest” of the EMR brands with less market share as well as what most would consider the one-off or even home-grown EMRs with lower install rates. If it’s software in a healthcare setting, chances are we’re familiar with it or can quickly become familiar. We build in automated data validation into every project to ensure the right data is in play for the complete lifecycle of the record.

For more information, our case studies provide real-world examples of how our HealthData Archiver® platform provides secure, accurate and accessible storage of records by archiving data from retired legacy systems.

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Jul 07 2020

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