Harmony Healthcare IT CEO takes Board President Role at Indiana Rural Health Association (IRHA)

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Rural Report: Improving Access to Healthcare Data for all Hoosiers

While 8 out of 10 small, rural and critical access hospitals have adopted basic EHR, these healthcare operations continue to have significantly lower basic EHR adoption rates compared to all hospitals.

Source: http://dashboard.healthit.gov/quickstats/quickstats.php

Tom Liddell, Harmony Healthcare IT CEO and incoming IRHA Board President

Tom Liddell, Harmony Healthcare IT CEO and incoming IRHA Board President

“Rural health data management solutions are important so all patients can benefit from readily available clinical data no matter how rural of an environment they are in,” says Tom Liddell, CEO of Harmony Healthcare IT.  Liddell will become Board President for the Indiana Rural Health Association (IRHA) at its annual conference June 21-22.

The 2016 IRHA conference: “Rural Health: Align, Connect, Engage” brings together physicians, nurses, pharmacists, public health professionals, and other rural health practitioners and advocates with residents of rural communities. Practitioners from the field and national experts discuss current topics, as well as share the experiences of others in public health and rural health care delivery, along with the latest information regarding the start-up and on-going management of rural health care delivery models. For more information on the conference, visit the website.

Liddell and his team of health data analysts at Harmony Healthcare IT have developed several solutions to provide complete and simple access to historical records.  This includes a data availability platform, an interoperability strategy and a browser-based, HIPAA-compliant legacy data storage solution called Health Data Archiver. The team works to extract, migrate and retain electronic medical records (EMRs) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for hundreds of ambulatory and acute healthcare settings, including rural sites, around the country.

“We want to empower the healthcare providers in our great state to improve Hoosier health,” says Liddell.  “Our data management solutions provide access to a more complete patient narrative.  That’s important to the health and economics of our state and our country.  Preservation and ready availability of vital information that tells the patient’s story is our mission.”

Liddell brings more than 25 years of health information management experience to the IRHA. Prior to his role as CEO at Harmony Healthcare IT he held senior management positions at South Bend Medical Foundation, Michiana Health Information Network, Web MD and Systems Management, Inc.

About Indiana Rural Health Association

The Indiana Rural Health Association (IRHA) is a not-for-profit organization representing a diverse statewide membership consisting of individuals and organizations committed to the improvement of health and resources for rural Hoosiers. IRHA seeks to provide a meaningful forum for assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the health and safety of rural communities in Indiana. IRHA seeks to provide educational programs that focus on the unique needs of the residents of rural Indiana and the providers who serve them. IRHA also works to educate the public on relevant issues and focus unified efforts to bring about the necessary changes in public and private policies to ensure that all rural Hoosiers have access to quality health care in their own communities. More information about the IRHA can be accessed through the IRHA website.

Jun 22 2016

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