Glencoe Regional Health decommissions its legacy Healthland system on time and on budget with HealthData Archiver®.


Glencoe Regional Health partnered with Harmony Healthcare IT to decommission and archive its Healthland EMR data into HealthData Archiver®. Harmony’s user-friendly, cost-effective, and user-friendly system made archiving simple and cost-effective. The solution provided low-impact resources and minimal effort for internal staff, ensuring HIPAA compliance and patient access to medical records.

Reliable System Decommissioning

Glencoe Regional Health (GRH) transitioned from its Healthland electronic medical record (EMR) to Epic in 2013. As some of the Healthland data was not able to convert to Epic, and in order to maintain HIPAA compliance, GRH needed to archive its Healthland data in perpetuity so patients could access their medical records.

GRH needed a partner that could decommission its legacy system reliably and efficiently, as well as deliver a solution that provided user-friendly access to archived medical records.

The GRH team interviewed and received demos from “many different vendors,” shared Ryan Lake, GRH’s Director of IT. “Most of them charged based on data volume or for hosting and access,” Lake continued. “Their payment models really didn’t work for us. We needed an easy-to-use system that we could maintain long term without a huge expense.”

Ryan Lake, Director of IT

“Harmony came in with a process and procedure that was more laid out and defined than most vendors that we work with. That process made archiving very simple for us. Harmony would let us know what they were doing, but even more importantly, they’d let us know when they needed something from us and exactly what they needed from us… It was very low-impact for the resources on our side.”
– Ryan Lake, Director of IT, GLENCOE REGIONAL HEALTH


Glencoe Regional Health partnered with Harmony Healthcare IT (Harmony) to decommission Healthland and archive its legacy data into HealthData Archiver®.

“Harmony was the one vendor that could promise a long-term solution without a huge expense,” said Lake. “HealthData Archiver® was user friendly and intuitive, so we didn’t have to put a lot of effort into learning a system being used for relatively few people.”

In addition to being cost effective and user friendly, Harmony implemented the project to spec with very little involvement from GRH resources.

“Harmony requires very little effort from internal staff and the project is kept on time, on budget. There are few vendors that can produce what I need without a lot of time and effort from me – Harmony can,” noted Lake.

Archive with an Audit Trail

“HealthData Archiver® tracks which medical records were released to which patients.”

R. Lake

Delivered Within Budget

“We had a few instances of scope creep, and each time Harmony said they could handle the change for zero cost.”

R. Lake

User Friendly

“I have only heard good comments in terms of how user friendly and easy the system is to work with.”

R. Lake

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Feb 19 2020

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