Enter electronic payer ID and format number into Medical Manager so claims don’t drop to paper

When insurance claims drop to paper, versus routing electronically, the payment cycle is extended.

Due to postal mail delays, paper claims extend the pay cycle back to your practice.

What percent of your claims are dropping paper? Why?

Here are two areas to double check in the Medical Manager practice management system that can help your claims sail through the clearinghouse electronically to get paid faster:

  1. Electronic Payer ID
  2. Electronic Format Number

As a part of your monthly routine, make it a habit to print or review your insurance plan list and perform house cleaning on these two very important fields. Compare the current payer IDs to your most current payer list.

Insurance companies are bought and sold every day and payer IDs change – make sure you’re keeping current.

Also remember to double check your electronic “bulletins” that are sent back in your claims batches.

These bulletins are typically embedded in the reports and might contain important information about ushering claims through electronically.

Aug 06 2008

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