Electronic Data Vaulting versus Tape Backups


Electronic data vaulting offers faster recovery, transmission, security, and cost-effectiveness compared to tape backups.

Electronic data vaulting is the process of conducting a backup online and storing information remotely in a secure data center. The are a number of benefits for employing an electronic data vaulting strategy versus a tape backup inhouse:

  • Ease and speed of recovery. Your data is stored on the disk-based local data backup device as well as in a secure, offsite data center.
  • Speed of transmission. With the increasing volumes of patient data, electronic data vaulting is faster and more reliable than tape as only block-level changes are stored after the initial full backup is conducted.
  • Security. Encryption technology is used that can safely move data without using a lot of network bandwidth. Data is readily available and can be restored on-demand.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Electronic data vaulting replaces the hardware, software and tapes associated with tape backup systems. It also compresses data at approximately a 50% rate, reducing overall storage costs.

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Dec 08 2008

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