Harmony Healthcare IT Participates in Disruptive Healthcare Conference

Harmony Healthcare IT is pleased to participate in the Disruptive Healthcare Conference 2015 today in Madison, WI. This event, produced by WTN Media, brings together experts in healthcare, technology, law and finance to ask questions and share insights about how to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes. The purpose of the conference is to collectively address the question “How do we develop and respond to disruptive healthcare business models in a world of accelerating disruptive technologies?”

CEO and Founder of WTN Media, Mike Klein, says that disruption in healthcare is profound. He says that the transformation of the US Healthcare Market is not just about digital disruption but a complete transformation that is driving healthcare organizations to re-think their business strategies as they experience pressure on their margins and profitability.

The one-day event includes high-profile healthcare provider and vendor speakers in sessions titled:

  • Overcoming the Madness of EMRs
  • Avoiding Digital Report Overload: Analytics that Drive Improvement
  • Putting the Patient in Customer Relationship Management
  • Wall Street’s Perception of the Financial Impact of Healthcare Technology Investments
  • Prescriptions for Engaging the C-Suite in Analytics – Case Study: Gulfport Memorial Hospital
  • Marketplace Consolidation: Don’t Forget the EMRs
  • Obstacles to Interoperability: Can’t We all Get Along?
Jim Hammer

VP Product & Program Management at Harmony Healthcare IT

“I’m looking forward to the session on marketplace consolidation,” says Jim Hammer, VP of Product & Program Management for Harmony Healthcare IT. “Healthcare organizations that are merging and acquiring must address the high costs of supporting multiple systems or consolidate legacy data sources. This is where our Health Data Archiver solution plays a role. We help providers transition from one EMR to another — like converting from Cerner to Epic — and manage the consolidation of legacy patient data.”

The other session of interest titled “Obstacles to Interoperability…” occurs at the end of the day and includes presenters from both Cerner and Epic. In this session, attendees will explore the technical and non-technical obstacles to interoperability, review the importance of clinical workflow in delivering useful interoperability and learn about the importance of the new FHIR standard in facilitating better use of clinical information.

“As Harmony Healthcare IT is passionate about providing historical patient information to providers when and where needed,” says Hammer, “we are very interested in learning what the two industry leaders, Cerner and Epic, have to say about interoperability.”

The event runs from 7am-6pm CT at Fluno Center in Madison, WI.

Nov 10 2015

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