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Health Record Retention from Legacy Practice Management Systems

All data has a lifecycle.  Protected healthcare information also comes with some rigid retention requirements.  That means that when your...

Sep 29

Archiving Medical Records in the Ambulatory Care Office

For ambulatory care system administrators who have migrated off of a legacy practice management system — you...

Sep 09

Health Data Archiving for Legacy Practice Management Systems

Harmony Healthcare IT’s Health Data Archiver stores data from old practice management systems that are being retired...

Jun 14

Medical Office Data Retention Webinars on 3/23 and 3/24 2010

Harmony Healthcare IT will host, on 3/23 and 3/24 of 2010, webinars on how to securely store legacy...

Mar 22

State Medical Record Retention Laws Complicate White House Plans

Written by Aliya Sternstein at in July of 2009, this article explains why some vendors and...

Feb 21

Medical Office Data Storage Webinar on 2/25/10

Harmony Healthcare IT will host, on 2/25/10, a webinar on how to securely store legacy practice management...

Feb 15

Archive Data from Your Retired Practice Management System

To meet regulatory requirements, data from your practice management system should be kept accessible for a minimum...

Oct 21

Accessing Data from a Retired Practice Management System

As more and more medical practices move to electronic health records, they may be retiring a legacy practice...

Apr 30

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