BC Solutions Partners with Harmony Healthcare IT to Provide LIS Legacy Data Management Solutions to Large Hospitals

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BC Solutions, a firm specializing in laboratory consulting and compliance, had a long-standing relationship with their data extraction, migration and archiving vendor. However, as the volume of large-scale laboratory information system (LIS) decommissioning projects increased, BC Solutions sought an alternative resource to handle the growing project load.

FDA requirements for the collection of blood, blood products, and record-keeping are extremely detailed. Therefore, it was essential to BC Solutions’ success in the laboratory market for their next partnership to be with a capable and proven archiving vendor.

BC Solutions conducted careful research and evaluated each new archiving vendor’s customer reviews, prices, and turnaround times. They sought a partner who would not only execute effectively on projects, but also communicate efficiently and professionally with both BC Solutions and their customers.

Diane Janowiak, National Sales Director

“Because we’re dealing with blood products—blood banks and transfusions—it is all about patient safety, and you can’t put a price on that. Harmony’s attention to patient safety and the quality of their work is really what sets them apart.”
– Diane Janowiak, National Sales Director, BC SOLUTIONS


Ultimately, BC Solutions selected Harmony Healthcare IT as their vendor of choice for the data extraction, migration and archival of their customers’ historical LIS data.

“Harmony’s reputation in the industry and the quality of their work is what made them stand out,” said Diane Janowiak, National Sales Director at BC Solutions. “Not only are they able to efficiently help with data migration, but their HealthData Archiver® platform is robust, and we feel good about the security that comes with it.”

BC Solutions is impressed with how timely, professional, and responsive Harmony Healthcare IT has been regarding the 30+ projects the company has worked on so far.

“Harmony is on time nearly 100% of the time,” said Janowiak. “They also have good communication throughout the project.”

Having a transparent relationship is important to BC Solutions. Harmony Healthcare IT provides weekly cadence calls on every project to check in, provide updates on milestones, and ensure clear communication.

“There are so many moving parts on these projects, they can sometimes go sideways,” Janowiak notes, “but thanks to Harmony’s constant communication, we are able to keep projects on track easily and re-engage clients quickly.”

Benefits & Results

• High-Quality Measures for Patient Safety and Care
• Skilled Project Management and Attention to Detail
• Keeps Projects On Track and On Time

Archived Legacy Systems

Legacy systems that Harmony Healthcare IT has helped BC Solutions to archive include:
• Cerner
• SafeTrace Tx®
• SoftBank®
• Sunquest
• WellSky®

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Apr 06 2020

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