$2+ Million in Savings from Data Consolidation During Major Merger and Acquisition Activity

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The Situation

Merger and acquisition activity in recent years made it necessary for this northeastern integrated healthcare system to implement a legacy data management strategy. Since 2017, the organization absorbed 83 physician practices and four hospitals – each of which had its own clinical and financial systems. Having such a big volume of legacy data sitting dormant on various vendor software applications was not a long-term solution, especially with financial, regulatory, and patient care repercussions. With seven acute-care hospitals and nearly 500 locations, a footprint of this magnitude presented the need for an experienced partner who could easily archive the disparate EHR systems without disrupting the level of care that patients had come to know and trust. Not only would an active archiving strategy provide efficient patient record access, but the financial savings would be a large benefit.

The Solution

The CIO of the organization recognized the need for a legacy data management partner to develop a modernized record retention strategy that would integrate with Epic® across the health system’s three flagship facilities, four acquired hospitals and 83 acquired practices. A key requirement for the team was to ensure that continuity of care was not disrupted. Maintaining day-to-day operations as efficiently as possible to provide high-quality patient care was important. Harmony Healthcare IT’s archive solution, HealthData Archiver®, enabled the goal of high-quality patient care with an easy-to-use interface and rich workflows, intended for daily use by clinicians, HIM teams, and more

Another objective for the team was to ensure record integrity in the archive by validating data migrated from the various legacy systems. With most archivals, this step can be lengthy and tedious, but the Harmony team expedited the process with a built-in customer validation tool. This streamlined the archival process, allowing 182 TB of data from 55+ legacy systems to be secured within 5 years.

Benefits & Results

Archives Deployed


Total Data Archived

182 TB

Documents Archived




Savings of $2M and Counting

With Harmony’s help, the health system has seen savings of $2M to date. By migrating legacy data from the disparate systems to HealthData Archiver®, a browser-based active archive, there has been a reduction in vendor management costs, IT support costs and more.

Continuity of Care

Going from three acute-care hospitals to seven in just five years meant there was no time to spare when it came to migration and patient care. In fact, consolidating legacy data into HealthData Archiver® has enhanced the patient experience. With Single Sign-On to the archive inside of Epic®, it is easier and more efficient for providers to access patient records

Data Consolidation and Bolstered Security

With the expertise and support of the Harmony team, the health system has archived: 55+ acute and ambulatory data sources, over 450,000 documents, and 182TB of legacy data. The process of merging data into one archive proved more efficient from a time and resources standpoint and bolstered cybersecurity for the organization.

Activation of Archive Steering Committee

With Harmony’s support, the health system created an Archive Steering Committee, an important internal team charged with keeping the archive project implementation moving smoothly and preventing headaches down the line. This group was composed of representatives from various entities within the organization including legal, finance, IT and clinical.


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May 07 2023

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