Will Your Medical Practice Get Paid after 10/1/15?


ICD-10 deadline: 10/1/15; medical practices must comply to avoid reimbursement delays, denials, and potential crowding issues.

Get Medical Manager(r) Ready for ICD-10 to Avoid Reimbursement Delays and Denials

The ICD-10 deadline is 10/1/15.  CMS extended this due date by one year due to the complexity of the mandate and the amount of effort it takes providers, vendors and payers to ready their systems to accommodate the new codes.

No Software Upgrades or Long-Term Contracts

We can help make your medical practice compliant with no upgrades to your Medical Manager system or long-term contracts.  As long as you are on Version 9.2 or later, you can join the 3000+ providers we support daily and will ensure are ICD-10 ready by 10/01/15.

The Time to Act is Now

If you don’t take action to ready your Medical Manager software now, you risk jeopardizing practice cash flow. While your current vendor may be encouraging you to upgrade in order to become ICD-10 compliant, know that there is no functional reason you would need to upgrade your hardware or Medical Manager software to become ICD-10 ready.

Waiting May Work Against You
Whether you work with us or with your current software vendor to prepare your Medical Manager system for ICD-10, get started sooner than later!  Too many providers are putting this mandate off.  That procrastination WILL create implementation crowding issues as we near the deadline.

To learn more about Medical Manager solutions for ICD-10, contact Harmony Healthcare IT or visi MedicalManagerUsers.com.

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Jan 26 2015

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