Getting Started With a Legacy Data Plan

Date & Time

Thursday, October 19th | 1:30pm ET


This presentation will cover the role that legacy data plays in healthcare organizations and the benefits of decommissioning out-of-production systems into an archive solution. Join us for a better understanding of the challenges organizations face surrounding legacy data and how to ensure your organization is keeping records secure and compliant. The speaker will discuss options for managing legacy data and the process of getting started with an archive.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand risks associated with legacy data
  • Identify options for record retention and the benefits of consolidating legacy systems into a single archive
  • Discover best practices for implementing an archive and tips for getting started

Planned Length of Presentation

30 minute presentation + 10 minute Q&A


Amy Holmes

Director of Marketing

Amy has gained over 15 years of diverse marketing experience. With early roles ranging from product management to communications and customer education, she quickly progressed to building and leading a marketing team which covered multiple product lines in the dental industry. Amy has guided marketing strategy, communications, demand generation, branding and product management. At Harmony Healthcare IT, she is responsible for all aspects of marketing, helping connect the healthcare market with our legacy data management solutions.