The Internship Experience at Harmony Healthcare IT: Tim Wang


Purdue University graduate Tim Wang gained hands-on experience as junior database analyst intern at Harmony Healthcare IT, predicting future healthcare technology inventions.


Tim Wang, a Computer Information Technology graduate student at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, is a world traveler who is focused on big data, machine learning, network engineering, virtualization technology, robotic operating systems and network security. He met Harmony Healthcare IT (HHIT) representatives at a campus Career Fair and spent this summer as a junior database analyst intern in South Bend.

“The people here are outstanding and the experience has been very meaningful,” says Tim. “From the very first day, I tried to learn about every aspect of HHIT, such as project life cycles, project management methodologies, the scale of services, etc.  This organization is dynamic as functional teams work with each other efficiently and closely.”

Tim leaned on his technical skills in SQL scripts, MS SQL Server, Open-sourced Db and server side technology like vSphere suites backed by VMware and tried to learn more details utilized during the development process.  He says he also learned a lot of practical skills and business philosophy from his HHIT colleagues.

Interns at Harmony Healthcare IT gain hands-on experience beginning on their first day. Interns work directly with real data in a production-style environment. There are deadlines to be met, so interns do real work and gain key technical skills while learning more about teamwork in the process.

“Tim has a great working knowledge of SQL and ETL processes. He has great problem solving skills and tenacity when working through some of our hardest database structures to date,” comments Tai Gunter, Database Analyst Team Lead. “Tim also has a wide array of knowledge around security and IT infrastructure. These are skills that will certainly benefit anyone lucky enough to have Tim on their team in the future.”


What does Tim see for the future of healthcare information technology?
I think there will be more healthcare related technologies invented as people expect a better healthcare environment in the next couple decades.”

What advice does Tim have for other students about the value of an internship?
The value of an internship is invaluable. It is a precious opportunity to learn real workplace and practical skills. It will open a window for you to observe the industry. My advice for other students is to try your best to get involved in the internship and to get some suggestions from your supervisor and other full time employees.”

Are you skilled in problem solving and willing to work hard? If so, we would love to talk to you. We are constantly looking for candidates with skills like Tim’s. For more information about our intern program, please contact us.

Aug 24 2016

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