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Harmony Healthcare IT offers discounts on Medical Manager software for ICD10 compliance by October 1, 2015, without software upgrades or long-term contracts. Priority is ICD-10 readiness, practice readiness, and product readiness.

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We’re ICD-10 Ready. You Can Be Too – For Free

As the October 1, 2015 deadline for ICD10 draws near, Harmony Healthcare IT (HHIT) has a plan to guide users of Medical Manager® software through this industry mandate. Users of Medical Manager Version 9 and higher can be equipped to meet ICD10 requirements while using their current software version.  The sooner you sign with us to support your Medical Manager system, the less the ICD-10 solution will cost:

  • Sign by 4/15/15 and get 100% off ICD-10
  • Sign by 5/31/15 and get   75% off ICD-10
  • Sign by 7/15/15 and get   50% off ICD-10
  • Sign by 8/31/15 and get   25% off ICD-10

No Software Upgrades or Long-Term Contracts

We can make you compliant with no upgrades to your Medical Manager system or long-term contracts.  As long as you are on Version 9.2 or later, you can join the 3000+ providers we support daily and will ensure are ICD-10 ready by 10/01/15.

The Time to Act is Now

The sooner you act, the less your ICD-10 solution will cost.  If you don’t take action to ready your Medical Manager software now, you risk jeopardizing practice cash flow.  While Greenway may be encouraging you to upgrade in order to become ICD-10 compliant, know this:

There is no functional reason you need to upgrade hardware

or Medical Manager software to make it ICD-10 ready.

We receive calls from Medical Manager users nationwide who feel lost when it comes to preparing for the ICD-10 transition.  If you feel your current vendor is NOT providing the guidance you need to make this critical transition, contact us.

ICD-10 is our Main Priority

First, we will provide a general overview of ICD-10:  what it is, how it compares to ICD-9 and what impact it will have on the healthcare industry as a whole.Next, we’ll discuss practice readiness: what do you need to do internally to have your staff prepared for this mandate?Finally, we’ll discuss product readiness:  how and when will Medical Manager be ICD-10 ready?  What are your options for equipping Medical Manager to submit ICD10 claims, and, what will it take to get there in terms of time, money and resources?

For more information, visit our Medical Manager website.  (The Medical Manager is a registered trademark of Greenway Health, LLC.  Harmony Healthcare IT is not affiliated with Greenway.)

Feb 26 2015

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