Remote Electronic Backups with Secure Offsite Data Storage


Office managers utilize taped backups; new technologies offer faster, comprehensive restorations in medical practices using remote backups, compressed data, and encryption.

As an office manager, you are likely running a daily system backup to tapes. While that is a good routine that has worked for years, it doesn’t make it the quickest or most secure process for restoring critical patient information in today’s environment.

We’ve seen practices could NOT restore from backup due to corruption even though their validation report showed otherwise. If you haven’t validated your backup against a report lately — call us to make sure your data is safe.

As new data storage and restoration technologies become more readily available, many practices are employing a strategy to further secure data electronically and offsite. This can result in a faster and more comprehensive restoration of patient data in the event of a disaster.

The process entails a tapeless, electronic backup where data is compressed, encrypted and sent directly to a secure data recovery center. It is a highly recognized method of backup for medical practices to tighten up security on patient health information.

For more information on how we can secure your data with remote backups, contact Rick at 800-781-1044.

Dec 17 2008

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