Reduce patient no-shows with appointment reminders

If you’re looking to increase patient attendance rates, you may want to investigate an automated patient reminder system that integrates with your practice management system. These types of solutions are proven to reduce patient no-shows.

How do they work?

The automated patient appointment reminder software creates a message for each of your patients that has a scheduled appointment. The system then uses the stored phone number to dial out and leave the message. The message typically includes the date and time of the appointment, the name of the provider being seen and maybe event he appointment reason. Depending on how data is stored in your practice management or scheduling system, the message may also include more customer information like the reason for the appointment and/or any special instructions required for the patient prior to the visit.

After hearing the message, the patient can typically opt to press 1 to accept/confirm the appointment time and/or press 2 to request that a new appointment time be booked.
By streamlining the patient reminder process, practices have seen significant reduction in their patient no-show rates.

Aug 17 2008

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