Reduce Patient No-Show Rates by up to 50%


Automated appointment reminder system reduces no-show rates, boosts revenue, improves communication.

If your practice is not taking advantage of modern-day technologies to remind patients about their appointments, it’s time to start. Using email and the telephone, we have an automated appointment reminder system that will

  • reduce patient no-show rates by up to 50%
  • drive additional revenue to the practice
  • improve patient communications and satisfaction
  • affect positive patient outcomes

Our patient appointment reminder system uses data fields currently stored in The Medical Manager software (or other practice management systems) appointment scheduler to create customized messages for each patient.

The system creates personalized patient messaging in English or Spanish. It includes extensive management reports detailing which patients confirmed their appointment or requested a re-schedule. It also reports on bad contact information.

Contact us at 1-800-781-1044 to learn more about how we can help reduce your patient no-show rate by up to 50%. When you call, request our patient no-show lost revenue worksheet that helps you to calculate how much money your medical practice might be losing annually due to patient no-shows.

Oct 23 2008

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