Physicians use Twitter to Promote their Practice and Communicate with Colleagues


Physicians use Twitter for practice promotion and communication, with users sharing 140 characters per month.

In an article from American Medical News, it is reported that physicians using Twitter as a social media tool are finding success in promoting their practice and communicating with colleagues.

Twitter is a Web site that also can be accessed on a mobile device. People can create an account to share their thoughts, 140 characters at a time, to other Twitter users who sign up to “follow” that user’s “tweets.” Registration is free. Twitter accounts start with an “@” sign, and are promoted as “@username.”

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Physicians are among those jumping onto Twitter. If nothing else they want to see what the hype is about, or what the purpose is of blasting short, random thoughts to whoever opts to listen.

Most users, physicians and otherwise, don’t tweet for very long. Data that the Nielsen Co. released in April found only about 40% of users were active a month after creating an account.

Doctors who keep tweeting stick around because they find it can be useful. Physicians most often use Twitter as an extension of their Web presence, a patient communication site, a marketing tool or a virtual water cooler with their colleagues. Or, maybe a combination of all four.

Read the full article at American Medical News.

Jul 07 2009

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