MGMA Reports High Costs to Upgrade PMS for ICD-10 Implementation


MGMA survey shows average cost per FTE physician for ICD-10 diagnosis code upgrades is $11,500, with EHR systems costing $12,885.

MGMA recently published survey results from its ICD-10 Implementation Study that indicated the average cost per FTE physician to upgrade or replace a Practice Management System to use ICD-10 diagnosis codes is $11,500.  That amount goes up to $12,885 for an EHR system.

If you are a user of The Medical Manager(r) software looking to implement your ICD-10 solution, contact Harmony Healthcare IT.  We have an ICD-10 solution that requires no costly software upgrades or long-term contracts.  Our team is ready to implement TODAY so that you have ample time to test with your payers and EDI clearinghouse.

Feb 07 2014

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