Harmony Healthcare IT has launched, a resource center for Sage Medical Manager users to decide whether to keep or replace, comply with 5010/ICD-10 mandates, and use electronic health records effectively.

Harmony Healthcare IT has launched a new website specifically for users of Sage Medical Manager called  The purpose of the website is to provide a resource center for practice managers who need to decide whether to keep or replace Sage Medical Manager in order to comply with 5010/ICD-10 mandates and/or to achieve meaningful use of electronic health records.

The website includes

  • a welcome video
  • a list of frequently asked questions about Medical Manager
  • a poll that indicates whether users are keeping or replacing Medical Manager
  • a bulletin board/forum at which Medical Managers users can connect with each other in a virtual user group
  • links to upcoming webinars aimed at helping Medical Manager users make decisions about what to do with Medical Manager as a part of their overall health information technology plan

Be sure to visit today!

May 12 2011

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